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Public services/amenities |

Public services/amenities


1 Total Road Length (in Kms)
CC (KMs) 66.00
BT (KMs) 37.50
WBM (KMs) 32.00
2 No. of sewer connections – Nil –
3 Total Length of Drains (in Kms)
Pucca (KMs) 140.00
Kutcha (KMs)  149.00
4 Total Length of Storm water Drains (in Kms)
Pucca (KMs)  11.00
Kutcha (KMs)
5 Total Number of Markets
No Vegetable Markets 1
No of Fish Markets Area  1
No of Mutton Markets
No of Slaughter Houses  1
No of Grain Markets
6 Total Number of Burial Grounds
Hindu  3
Christian 1
7 Number of Lakes/Tanks
8 No of Parks 1
9 No of Play Grounds
10 No of Auditoriums
11 Sports Complexes
12 Number of Function Halls/Kalyana Mandapams
13 No of Shadi Khanas  1
14 Worship Centers
15 Total Number of Lights
SPSV Lamps
Halozen Lamps
MH Lamps
Tube Lights
16 Water Supply
Source of Water Supply (Surface/Ground/Both) Kinnerasani Reservoir
Sufrace Qty (MLD) 25 MLD
Ground Qty (MLD)
(1 MLD = 10 Lakh Liters)
ESLr Capacity (MLD) 4 ELSrs
(1).80 MLD,
(2) 1.65 MLD,
(3) 0.90 MLD ,
(4) 1.00 MLD
GSLr Capacity (MLD)
17 Total Quantity of drinking water supplied 9.00 MLD
Per Capita Supply (Liters Per Capita per Day) 100 LPCD
18 No of House Service Connections
19 No of Public Stand Posts 250
20 No of Bores Existing 30
21 No of Hand Bores Existing 165
22 Numbe rof Public Taps
23 Periodicity of Water Supply ((Daily, Alternate Daily, Weekly Twice, Weekly)) Alternate daily
24 Hours of Water Supply  1 hr
25 No of Water Treatement Plants
26 Total Water Treatment Capacity
27 Hospitals
No of Govt Hospitals  1
No of Pvt Hospitals/Nursing Homes 26
No of Clinics
No of Diagnostic Centers
No of Ayurvedic/Homepathi Hospital
No of Govt Vertarnary Hospitals  1
28 Educational Institutions Govt Pvt
Primary Schools 26
Upper Primary Schools  5
High Schools
Junior Colleges
Degree/PG Colleges
Engineering Colleges
Medical Colleges
29 Commercial
Lodges (Number)
Restaurants (Number)
Fast Food Centers (Number)
Shops (Number as per licenses issued)
Theatres (Number)
Office Complexes (Number)
Dobi Ghats (Number)